Gingerbread flatshoes New Color

Formerly I called it gingerbread because it’s color is cream and brown likes gingerbread.
But beacuse a lot of request from some of customers
I made new color
There’s stil gingerbread color ! ❤
amount pink,black,red,purple,blue,dar blue
Maybe I must change it’s name being “Ranbow cake Flatshoes” or something =DD
price : 75.000 rupiahs
text 087853131515
pin bb 299146BB
Still remember with wedges England Addict ?
I dont know why with England flag so many people love them very much.
And England Addict Wedges being best seller on November.
So early December we makes new models of England Addict. This is one of them
price : 95.000rupiahs
text : 087853131515
pin : 299146BB
I have 1 more good news
Now we are ship internationally
more information you can comment/email :
or open my facebook page :



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