Gingerbread flatshoes New Color

Formerly I called it gingerbread because it’s color is cream and brown likes gingerbread. But beacuse a lot of request from some of customers I made new color There’s stil gingerbread color ! ❤ amount pink,black,red,purple,blue,dar blue Maybe I must change it’s name being “Ranbow cake Flatshoes” or something =DD price : 75.000 rupiahs text […]

New Color – Love Boat Wedges

Hey ! Still remember with love boat wedges? Formerly it just red and white color. But now available with a lot of color there’s still red and white, green, shock pink, black, blue, purple price : 95.000rupiahs and I have 1 more good news Now we are ship internationally 🙂 more information you can comment/email […]